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Butterfly Fish

Top 5 Snorkeling Spots in Maui

Enjoy Some of Maui's Best Snorkel Spots... Are you searching for the best snorkeling in Maui? You're not alone! We guarentee you that you will not be dissappointed in what paradise has in store for you. The island of Maui is…

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Waterfall Rainbow


Maui is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. With over 2 million visitors per year, there is a reason why people keep booking trips to Maui. With such a beautiful place such as Maui, where…

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The Hawaiian monk seal is the only seal that is native to Hawaii and is one of the most endangered species on earth. This earless seals future is dependent on conservation for its survival. Many efforts have been in place…

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Mauna Loa Eruption: The Big Island

Mauna Loa is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and happens to be the worlds largest active volcano. At approximately 11:30 pm on Sunday, November 27th 2022, Mauna Loa started erupting at the Mokuʻāweoweo summit caldera inside Hawaii Volcanoes…

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Maui Snorkel Tours: Trade Winds

Maui, the second largest island in the state of Hawaii, is known as the “The Valley Isle”. Due to the islands unique geographic shape, most towns in Maui are situated in between its two mountain ranges, the West Maui Mountains…

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Why You Should Travel to Maui

In comparison to the other Hawaiian Islands, Maui is our favorite! Oahu is gorgeous, but has the hustle and bustle of the city. The Island of Hawaii, also referred to as the "Big Island", has its perks, but is very…

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Glass For Swimming

Beginners Guide to Snorkeling

What Is Snorkeling? Snorkeling is defined as "swimming along the surface of the water while using specific equipment that allows you to view the underwater world". While snorkeling, you will be equipped with a mask, a snorkel (breathing tube), flippers,…

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We all know that Maui is a beautiful island, but we can also agree that it is quite expensive. Unfortunately, with shipping costs and inflation, things have gotten even more expensive since COVID. Even though certain things such as hotels…

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Macau Photo Agency

Flatten the Curve: Information on COVID-19

Maui Classic Charters, Inc. (Four Winds II and Maui Magic) is committed to the safety and well-being of our passengers and crew. For over thirty-five years, Maui Classic Charters, Inc.  has diligently adhered to very extensive sanitization procedures. Due to…

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Outdoor Party

Kiawe Outdoor: A Memorable Maui Experience

Kiawe Outdoor: A Memorable Maui Experience Whether you are living on Maui or visiting the beautiful Valley Isle, this event is for you! Kiawe Outdoor was created with the intention of practicing real Hawaiian cooking traditions. Traditional Hawaiian cooking methods…

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Family In The Boat

Make-A-Wish®: Making Dreams Come True

Make-A-Wish® child Lucas was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago. After many treatments, bone marrow aspirations and 22 spinal taps with chemo, Lucas was finally able to go on a family trip to Maui! Thanks to Make-A-Wish® New Jersey and…

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