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Four Winds II Is In Dry Dock Now Till Dec 23rd. Book Maui Magic Tours
Sugar Cane Train


Although Maui doesn't usually get to experience a "White Christmas" (unless it maybe snows on Haleakala), there are still activities and celebrations that can make it seem 'christmassy' on an island with perfect 80-degree weather year-round.  Whether you reside on…

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Girl Is Smiling

Spring Break: A Kids Guide to Fun on Maui

Things to Do on Maui with Kids Ahhhh, Spring Break... Whether your 8 years old or 65 years young, everyone looks forward to that time of year when you get to escape reality for a week. The first question is always, "Where…

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Maui Butterfly Fish

Exploring West Maui

Get excited when planning your day on the Western shores of the Valley Isle as fun in the sun awaits! There is almost always something new to going on around West Maui.   Beach hopping is always fun with a…

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Three Men

West Maui Best Luaus in Review

If you visit Hawaii and don't attend a Hawaiian or Polynesian Style Luau, you are definitely missing out! You can find something for just about every budget, family friendly and couples oriented and they do tend to differ from one…

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