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Compare Maui Snorkel Trips

When comparing snorkel trips in Maui you want to make sure you pick the snorkel tour boat that is right for you. Here are the things we offer that makes us different from other tour boat companies.

All Snorkel Tours Include

  • All tours go to Molokini Crater when weather permits.
  • Hot Grilled BBQ Lunch
  • Free Sodas, Wine & Beer, Filtered Water & Juice
  • Opportunity to see dolphins and whales (seasonal)
  • Private Restrooms Onboard
  • Water Slide
  • First-Time Snorkelers Welcome
  • SNUBA Available

Four Winds (a.m.) and Maui Magic Include

  • Best Conditions to Snorkel at Molokini Crater
  • 5 Hour Snorkel Tour
  • Tropical Breakfast
  • Cookies!

Maui Magic Includes

  • Two Snorkel Locations
  • Less Passengers Onboard
  • Faster Cruising Pace
  • No Children Under 5

Four Winds Also Includes

  • Best for Families with Small Kids
  • Lots of Shade & Large Cabin
  • Leisure Pace Cruising
  • Glass-Bottom Viewing Room
  • Professional Photographer
  • Most Time Inside the Crater – Morning Tour (5 Hour Tour)
  • Snorkeling at Coral Gardens – Afternoon Tour
  • Shorter Afternoon Snorkel Trip (3. 5 Hour Tour)

Longest Snorkel Time at Molokini

Snorkel at Molokini the longest out of any other boat tours! Other tours to Molokini spend a shorter amount of time at the crater. The Four Winds II stays at Molokini Crater the entire duration of the snorkel trip. You’ll be able to maximize your time and really explore the crater at your leisure, instead of being rushed off to other snorkel spots.

Competitive Snorkel Tour Pricing

Our snorkel tour price is the lowest and most competitive, compared to prices of other Maui snorkel tours. We don’t believe in price gouging. We offer the best rates without all the hidden fees of other competitors.

Hot and Fresh Food Options

You won’t find any pre-made lunches here! Compared to other Maui boat tours, we serve our food fresh and hot. All of our food is made daily from fresh ingredients and is grilled on board.

Glass Bottom Boat

The Four Winds II is the ONLY boat in Maui to offer a glass bottom boat viewing room. Other Maui snorkel tour boats have a small viewing port, but our boat has a total immersion room for you and the family to enjoy. Experience the underwater world from our glass bottom boat, without even getting wet!

Kid Friendly Snorkel Tour

We pride ourselves on being a great family activity while you’re on vacation in Maui. Many of our guests enjoy the fact that our boat offers kid friendly amenities to make your family trip easier. Most tour boats focus on dinner cruises, whale watches, or are more centered around expensive sailing tours instead of snorkeling. The Four Winds II focuses on taking you on a memorable snorkeling tour that is fun for the whole family. We offer specific gear for all ages, clear bottom floats (Sea Boards – designed specifically for the Four Winds boat) and small touches, such as: a waterslide, kids tattoo’s, cookies, etc.

How to pick the best Molokini snorkel trip

When considering a snorkel tour, you want to make sure to choose a boat that has experience and your family in mind. Some local snorkel tours just don’t have the exprience and knowledge that our crew and company does. Our company has been safely operating for over 30 years. We also have very tenured captains on board! As many of our customer reviews will state, the crew and service is exceptional! We have all the aspects of the trip covered so you can relax and enjoy!

Convenient Tour Dates & Times

Our company, Maui Classic Charters, Inc., offers several different snorkel tours daily. We have a larger and smaller tour boat to choose from. For more information on each of our boat tours, please see the detailed trip comparisons below.


Morning Snorkel TourAfternoon Snorkel TourAdventure Snorkel
Trip Duration5 hours3.5 hours5 hours
Snorkel Time2 hours1 hour2.5 hours
Tropical Breakfast
Mid-Morning Snack
Hot Grilled BBQ Lunch
Free Sodas, Wine & Beer, Filtered Water & Juice
Cookies Served
Number of Snorkeling Sites112
Snorkeling at Molokini Crater*95%10%95%
More Time Inside the Crater*longestlongshorter
(because of multiple snorkeling sites)
Snorkeling at Coral Gardens5%90%5%
Chance to Snorkel with Turtles**
Dolphin Spotting**occasionallyoccasionallyoccasionally
Whale Watching**seasonallyseasonallyseasonally
Best for Families with Small Kids
Lots of Shade & Large Cabin
Cruising Speedleisurelyleisurelyfast pace
Glass-Bottom Viewing Room
Perfect for Late-Risers
Less Passengers Onboard
Private Restrooms Onboard
Water Slide
First-Time Snorkelers Welcome
SNUBA Available
Professional Photographer
(Internet Discount)
(Internet Discount)
(Internet Discount)
(Internet Discount)

Ages 3-12
Under Age 3 - FREE
(Internet Discount)

Ages 3-12
Under Age 3 - FREE
(Internet Discount)

Ages 5-12
No Kids Under 5 Please
Tour Details &
Tour Details &
Tour Details &

* Reaching Molokini depends upon daily weather, wind and ocean conditions. In the afternoon, Maui’s prevailing tradewinds often make it difficult to reach Molokini. Our optional snorkeling site is another top rated spot known as Coral Gardens.

** We see marine life on all our trips! Turtle encounters occur close to Maui’s shorelines. Find them on our Four Winds Afternoon Snorkel tour or the Maui Magic Adventure tour. Molokini rarely has turtles due to its off shore location.

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