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Humpback Whale Breach

Maui’s whale season is December through March. Humpback whales migrate annually from Alaska to Maui to calve, mate, and rear their young.  The humpback whales do not eat while in Maui! They can be seen in thier natural environment in pods of males, females and calves. Together in these groups, humpback whales frolic around Maui’s coastal waters. Maui’s visitors can see them performing aerobatics, such as breaches, tail slaps, spy hopping, and more!

Four Winds Maui offers humpback whale watching tours in Maui. Seasonally offered during humpback whale seasons, our afternoon snorkel tour to Coral Gardens is a great way to view these magnificent creatures. Molokini Crater is a top snorkel destination and you can upgrade the whale watching snorkel tour to include Molokini snorkeling destination with our morning Molokini and Whale Watching tour.

If you can’t come out on our snorkel tour, don’t miss humpback whales season from shore or online. Every year we posts new images and videos about the whales and love to share our passion about the underwater world!


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