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Four Winds II Is In Dry Dock Now Till Dec 23rd. Book Maui Magic Tours

We’ve gathered the best things to do in Maui so you can spend more time doing! We’ve put together top things to do lists – top things to do with kids in Maui, great snorkeling sites in Maui and more. Living on Maui gives an inside perspective and we’re happy to share places to visit and top Maui places to eat, drink and enjoy your Maui vacation.

Of course, one of the best things to do on Maui is to snorkel Maui! Take a snorkel trip to Molokini Crater in the morning with Four Winds Maui, or an afternoon snorkel trip to Coral Gardens and experience a whole new Maui! Snorkeling Maui’s underwater world is one of the top things to do while vacationing in Maui. Our delicious meals, kid friend snorkel tours and amazing crew makes Maui Four Winds one of the top snorkel trips available in Maui!

Maui Snorkeling & Other Fun Activities

We all know that Maui is a beautiful island, but we can also agree that it is quite expensive. Unfortunately, with shipping costs and inflation, things have gotten even more expensive since COVID. Even though certain things such as hotels…

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Sugar Cane Train


Although Maui doesn't usually get to experience a "White Christmas" (unless it maybe snows on Haleakala), there are still activities and celebrations that can make it seem 'christmassy' on an island with perfect 80-degree weather year-round.  Whether you reside on…

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Maui Butterfly Fish

Exploring West Maui

Get excited when planning your day on the Western shores of the Valley Isle as fun in the sun awaits! There is almost always something new to going on around West Maui.   Beach hopping is always fun with a…

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Must Eats in Hawaii

As long as I've lived on Maui and have been working with visitors for, I am always surprised when people refuse to even sample edibles because  they are unfamiliar (my own brother in law swears he cannot eat mangoes but has…

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Maui’s Changing of the Seasons

While I've heard over and over that Maui only has two seasons, Winter and Summer, this could not be further from the truth. If you pay attention to the subtle changes, you'll soon learn how the tides change seasonally, temperatures,…

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Maui Massages – Out Call and Small Spas

With all the fun and exciting activities and things to do on Maui, a little relaxation is always a welcome treat! There are abundant spas and individual massage therapists, individual and couples sessions and a variety of treatments available so…

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Best of Maui – Off the Beaten Path

Planning a trip to Maui? You've most likely noticed the huge variety of things available to do on your vacation. It's easy to miss some of the more relaxing things to do while here. These are appropriate for almost all…

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Maui’s Best Activities for Couples

Maui truly offers a little something for everyone. As a popular Destination Wedding and Honeymoon locale, a few ideas for couples seemed like a nice thing to have on hand. After living here for over sixteen years, here are just…

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