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A Maui Magic Exclusive: Private Charter

Ever wanted to private charter the Maui Magic?

A really cool way to spend an afternoon for a  family reunion, wedding, or just for the heck of it is one our Maui Magic Exclusives.  It’s a 3 hour trip of just about whatever you’d like to do on the water.  You can snorkel, snuba, fish, whale watch, sunset, or all of the above!  The other day we had a wedding party on from California that was all about the snorkeling.  It turned out to be a marvelous afternoon for Molokini, so we made our heading south and saw some whales along the way.  The whole group enjoyed the afternoon, even the folks that didn’t get in the water.  There is nothing quite like a BBQ, beer, slide, snorkel, and sun out in the middle of the pacific….not a bad way to spend an afternoon with the family and friends!

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