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Two Jumping Dolphins

See Dolphins on the Maui Magic!

Maui is blessed with its fair share of scenic landscapes, but the main beauty of the island lies beneath the water surface. From the brightly colored tropical fish and the Hawaiian Green sea turtles to the vast stretches of coral…

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Maui Whale Watching Insights

Some of the best whale watching in the world is located on our beautiful island of Maui. The waters surrounding Maui become a whales playground every winter (December through May). Thousands of humpback whales travel from the cold waters of…

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New Hope for Hawaiian Monk Seals?

NOAA Announces Plan for Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal HONOLULU — Aug 11, 2015, 9:53 PM ET By CALEB JONES Associated Press  Federal fisheries authorities want to more than double the small population of endangered Hawaiian monk seals in the state's…

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