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Four Winds II Is In Dry Dock Now Till Dec 23rd. Book Maui Magic Tours

Glass Bottom Boats Maui

A Unique Spin on Maui Glass Bottom Boats

Four Winds II glass bottom boat has a glass bottom viewing room that guests sit in!

Our viewing room is a 180° total immersive experience. The 65 sq. ft. viewing room is made of clear plexiglass and situated below the water line. You stay dry and watch the underwater world – turtles, fishes, and snorkelers float by. Experience the underwater world safely and comfortably even if you are not swimming or snorkeling!

Four Winds II is the ONLY vessel on Maui with a glass bottom viewing ROOM. Other boats are outfitted with a simple viewing port that cannot offer the full immersive experience.

Enjoy Maui’s Great Underwater Experience, Without Getting Wet!

The glass bottom is suitable for everyone. Those who have apprehensions about snorkeling or questions about “what’s below” can simply sit, relax, and watch from the safety and comfort of this unique glass bottom room. All without ever getting wet! Our glass bottom boat can accommodate three to five kids and a few adults at the same time. It is equipped with a bench and is accessible via ladder-style stairs.

View coral, marine life, fish, and even underwater divers and snorkelers.

For anyone that wants to be a part of the action but not get wet our glass bottom room provides the opportunity for the whole family to partake in, and is always a hit with the kids.

Glass Bottom Girl
Children Watching Sky
Baby Girl Octopus Tail
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