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Maui’s Best “Local” Foods | Maui Grindz

I was talking to a visitor the other day and was surprised to hear them say they had not had a taste of any Hawaiian or local style foods during their stay. This was so sad since it is such a huge part of the culture here! I gave them some recommendations and decided to pass them along to everyone. Leave the “foodie” in you at your resort and let’s go grind!

Aloha Mixed Plate: “Two scoops rice” and “one scoop macaroni salad” always accompany the traditional plate lunch.The rice is an important part of the meal because it provides the “backdrop” for the distinctive flavors of the main courses which, local style, tend toward the savory. Macaroni salad also presents a counterpoint to the main courses while providing a small portion of vegetables such as finely chopped carrots and small diced celery – just the way the Locals like it.

The Old Saimin House: How “old school” is The Old Saimin House? Well, they were established by Okinawan nisei (second generation) in 1963. Whereas Palace Saimin right across the street on King was also established by Okinawans in 1946.

Not to forgot the many other classic saimin stands around the island, including Forty Niner Restaurant out in Aiea, who was established around the late 40’s. Then there’s Boulevard Saimin, which has since changed to “Dillingham Saimin”, who got their start in 1955, while over on the Garden Isle of Kauai, Hamura Saimin set up shop in 1952. Not to leave out a few more places still in business that feature saimin as their signature dish, including Shiro’s, Shige’s and Zippy’s.

Da Kitchen:  This Local and Hawaiian Food establishment has growing roots on the Island of Maui and expanded in 2010 to the outer Island of Oahu. Their restaurants were opened with the intention to serve not only mouth watering food, but also BIG portions at the best prices. Customer base is purely through word of mouth and they feel they have an obligation to meet the expectations of those who reccomend us. My kind of place!

Local Food Maui:  Known for having the best traditional Hawaiian food on Maui, find laulau and kalua pig every day on their famous “Hawaiian plate”, and the best local style plate lunches in town. Not in the mood? Try a refreshing selection of delicious sandwiches and salads. Casual dining and quick and easy pick-up window make this spot a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

T. Komoda Bakery: Since 1916, Komodo Store & Bakery has been serving some of the most delicious baked goods on Maui, Hawaii. You’ll know it’s a good place by the constant line out the door, especially on weekends and holidays when locals line-up for the homemade pastries! You want to get there EARLY as everything sells out quickly!










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