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Maui’s Changing of the Seasons

While I’ve heard over and over that Maui only has two seasons, Winter and Summer, this could not be further from the truth. If you pay attention to the subtle changes, you’ll soon learn how the tides change seasonally, temperatures, while moderate year round, also change. Very special things are subtly happening seasonally year round.

Winter: The Humpback Whales arrive on their long migration from the waters of Alaska to mate, birth and feed their calves. This is an amazing sight to behold and something we cherish for about 5-6 months per year, beginning mid-December. If planning your trip during Humpback season, you simply MUST try a whale watch!

Four Winds Maui Molokini Snorkel Awesome Humpback

Spring:  The beautiful blooming of the Jacarandas! For a very short period, usually late April through May, take a drive upcountry on Maui. Imagine driving under a canopy of trees filled with purple blooms!

Summer: Delicious MANGOES! This succulent delight is probably my favorite fruit (granted, I have many since moving to Maui!). There’s nothing quite like grabbing them fresh off the tree or from local farmer’s markets. Many vacation rentals will allow some fruit picking, but always ask first (especially if on a working farm)!

Fall: So, we have another fave here …. delicious avocados! Any variety is wonderful as long as you know how to tell the ripeness of each. Be sure to ask the market or grower how to best gauge yours.


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