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Safety First on the Four Winds: Safe Snorkel Tips



Tips for Snorkeling in Maui

  1. Always know your limits.  If you are new to snorkeling, it’s best to practice with the equipment in a pool to get used to it.
  2. Listen to life guards, hotel employees, boat crew, people that know our Maui waters.  If it doesn’t look safe, it isn’t.  If you don’t feel comfortable getting in, don’t go.  If there are waves that you have to fight through to get to the reef, go another day when it is flat.
  3. If possible, apply your reef-safe sunscreen 30 min before getting in the water.  This allows time for it to soak in.
  4. Always snorkel with a partner and use the “buddy system”.  Be aware of your surroundings.
  5. Flotation is always a good idea if you are unsure, it will help you have extra buoyancy in the water.  Float belts, boogie boards, noodles, life jackets are all good options
  6. Use de-fog on your to keep the fogging up.  (We use baby shampoo and water on the Four Winds Snorkel Trips)
  7. Put your mask on before entering the water, but wait to put your fins on either on the swim steps on a boat, or in shallow water.  You don’t ever want to walk with your fins on, they are for water, not land!
  8. Snorkel masks should cover your eyes and nose, make sure the mask strap is high up on the back of your head.
  9. Hair should be clear from the mask. If you have facial hair, use Vaseline to push it down under your nose to keep a good seal on your face.
  10. Make sure the straps are easily adjustable and all of the clips are secure.
  11. The bite tabs on the snorkel should fit comfortably in your mouth.
  12. Check the purge valve (if you have one at the end of the snorkel) to make sure it’s free of sand.
  13. The snorkel fins should fit comfortably. Too tight can cause cramps in your feet and legs, too loose and they will fall off.
  14. If you get cold easily, wearing a wetsuit will help maximize your time in the water.
  15. Look, but please don’t touch the marine life. The delicate eco-system can be damaged by kicking, touching or re-moving anything.  Leave everything for the next snorkeler to enjoy.
  16. Stay within a safe distance from your entry point into the water, whether it’s from land or a boat.
  17. Practice slow and steading breathing.  A relaxed snorkeler will have a better experience in the water. Know your limits, and pace yourself.
  18. Always stay safe and do not “over-do” it. We want your Maui snorkeling experience to be fun, not exhausting.
  19. Remember to look up every once in awhile to gage how far you have to swim back.
  20. Have fun and stay safe!!






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