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Whale season on Maui is a fantastic time of year. Normally, we start to see whales migrate to the Hawaiian waters around late November – early December. On Monday, October 8th 2018, we were shocked to not only see whales on the Four Winds II and the Maui Magic, but to also see a breach! The whale sighting was approximately 2.5 miles north of Molokini crater and towards the direction of Maalaea harbor.


Approximately 12,000 humpback whales will make their way towards Hawaii this year, and possibly even more! The whales travel from the north in Alaska where they feed and arrive to Hawaii to mate, rear their young and to give birth.

Did You Know…

Humpback Whales Can Swim Over 6,000 Miles Every Year

The trip from Alaska to Hawaii is approximately 3,000 miles each way. Humpback whales usually swim at a pace of 3-5 mph and can take the whales approximately 6-8 weeks.

Whale Tunes

The male humpbacks are the only ones that sing. The male whales are taught the gift of song at a young age and it is something they acquire, but are not acutally born with the ability.

Teeth or No Teeth?

We know humpbacks love to eat, but do they have teeth? Humpback whales do not have teeth. Instead, they have whats called ‘baleen plates’, which acts like a filter and seperates the krill out from the water.

GPS System

How do whales know exactly where to go during their migration? These intelligent mammals brains contain magnetite (a natural substance with magnetic properties). Scientists believe that Humpback whales may have magnetic material in their brains that help them navigate. Humpbacks also use their songs as sonar. Amazing creatures!

Whales Do Not Eat In Maui

Maui’s waters do not contain the whales’ primary food source. Humpback whales lose about a third of their body weight during the winter months in Maui. Humpback whales consume approximately 1,000 pounds of food per day in Alaska, which helps them build their weight up so they can survive fasting in Maui.

That’s a Big Whale! 

Humpbacks are the fifth largest species of whales on the planet. Humpbacks can grow up to 60-feet long and weigh anywhere between 25 – 40 tons. Female whales tend to be longer than males.

Who is Who?

Just like fingerprints and humans, whales have distinctive markings on the underneath portion of their long tails. Scientists and marine biologists can use the markings to identify and track the whales.

Whale Watching Maui

The great thing about going on a Molokini snorkeling adventure with the Four Winds II during whale season is that you get not only a snorkel trip, but also a whale watch!

The best thing about going  on the Four Winds II for your Molokini snorkeling adventure is that you also get to see whales during whale season! It is quite possible that the season is starting  almost 2 months earlier than usual. Maui has so many great ocean activities, from getting to swim with turtles at Coral Gardens, snorkel a sunken crater at Molokini  or even whale watching! Whale season on Maui is a memorable time for us and our guests.

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