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Whale Season on Maui

Dolphin In The Sea

Humpback Whale Season on Maui

Every winter, when storms sweep through the North Pacific and the ocean gets particularly chilly, humpback whales head south—specifically to the warm waters of Hawaii’s Au’Au Channel alongside Maui. And if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of these graceful behemoths, January through mid-March is the best time of year to see them!

There are a number of great certainties in life; the sun will set each night, Old Faithful will continue to blow, the humpback whales will return to Maui every year And people will go to see them! As cliché as it sounds, it’s absolutely true. Year after year, thousands of whales frequent the Hawaiian Islands to mate and give birth in the warm tropical waters. There’s something so amazing and majestic about watching a 40 ft long, 40 ton whale as it launches itself out of the water, putting on an aerial show for tens of thousands of onlookers every year.

The waters of Maui  have long been the favored vacation spot of these massive marine mammals. During Whale season,we are one of the few companies that combine a snorkeling excursion with the exciting experience of viewing whales! enjoy all the fun of a snorkeling trip with the awe- inspiring show of the humpback whales!  Our crew grills up the best burgers and chicken on Maui and serves you your choice of beverages while you spend a lazy afternoon snorkeling and enjoying the  water slide!Viewing these majestic creatures from our whale watching boats is one of the most exciting things you will ever do! While on board,our Marine Naturalists  and knowledgeable crew will enlighten and educate you about these wonderful creatures.

Every year from December through March the North Pacific Humpback Whales migrate to the warm tropical waters of Hawaii. The  coastal waters of Maui by far, enjoys the largest concentration of these amazing animals and  is some of the best in the world ,and as good as it gets!      .

Sightings of these playful creatures, which grow as large as 50 feet and weigh about one ton per foot,  on our  afternoon snorkeling trip are quite regular!

Witness a mother whale frolic with her calf, or a full-grown adult breach out of the water. During your whale watch cruise these amazing animals will often display themselves in full glory, giving you the ultimate whale watching on Maui experience.

Some common behavior displayed on a whale watching trip includes blowing and spy hopping. They’ll also slap their tails, believed to be an act of communication and to demonstrate their individual strength. Spy hopping is when the humpback whales come high out of the water to literally have a look around at the world above.

A mature North Pacific Humpback Whale averages about 40ft in length & weighs about 40 tons, although can grow up to 16 meters or 52ft long. Their heavy bodies can weigh up to 50 tons. The heart alone is about 400lbs or more. The size of these whales makes them hard to miss, especially when they swim in groups. Female whales are slightly larger, in order to defend themselves and their nursing calves from the more aggressive males.

 It is common during the Maui whale watching season to find large competitive groups (pods) of male humpback whales jousting for the opportunity to mate with a single female. Watching them is an exciting experience, as they wrestle with each other for the position to mate.

The female humpback whales with new born calves are particularly vulnerable to the advances of the males during the Maui whale watching season. Sometimes during our whale watch we are mugged (an affectionate term), by the female and her calf as she uses our large yacht to hide under in an attempt to ditch the hopeful males. Other times curiosity causes them to come closer to us.  It’s the  ultimate whale watching experience where photo opportunities create cherished memories. Join us for the best Maui whale watching for the memories of a lifetime! The North Pacific Humpback Whale is a baleen whale (toothless), declared as an endangered and protected species.

Humpback whales migrate in the thousands from the Gulf of Alaska to and around the Hawaiian Islands, and in particular the island of Maui, creating the perfect Maui whale watching experience. The island of Maui offers sheltered water, where the females can more safely give birth and raise their young.

Whales are mammals and the calves are fed with their mother’s milk. While suckling, it is believed they may be safer from predators in the sheltered Maui waters, as opposed to the open ocean or less protected seas.

Whale watching in Maui is as good as it gets, with the opportunity on any given trip to see numerous animals displaying a variety of interesting and memorable behaviors.

Newborn calves in addition to being adorable are curious and often bring mom close to the boat for a close encounter. As a protected animal, it is unlawful to approach closer than 100 yards from these majestic animals during a Maui whale watch, and we adhere strictly to these regulations. 

It is not uncommon for the whales to approach us as we sit idle in the water. Close encounters initiated by the whales are common on a whale watching tour in Maui.During the Maui whale watching tour, you might  see a young calf swimming beside its mother. The newborn calves are about 14 feet long. When you see them, you have definitely experienced some of the best whale watching. They are not small, even when newborn.The mother stays with her offspring for about one year, feeding it with up to 100 gallons of milk every day.   Life span has been discussed and not agreed upon by most researchers.  No one knows how long humpbacks live, but bowhead whales (a cousin) have been proven to live well beyond 200 years!

To make your whale watch cruise in Maui even better, we’re going to take you on a snorkel adventure where you will enjoy snorkeling at one of Maui’s beautiful coral reefs. Whale Watching and snorkeling on the same cruise is the perfect pairing of the two most popular ocean adventures on Maui.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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