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Top 5 Must Do Maui Activities

As long-time Maui residents, we are quite often asked by visitors what do we consider “Must Do Maui Activities”.

This is a VERY broad question and has so many variables, you might be surprised! It seems best to break this down a bit.

Let’s start with some tours. Guided tours tend to be worth the cost and allow you to have a great time, learn a little and get information (and even a few island tips) from the locals.

A few of our must-do activities and top picks in this category are:

1 – Bike Down a Volcano: There are a number of companies offering this service, both with a guide and without. Tours take you up Haleakala by van (some for sunrise) and you make you way down on 2 wheels.

For those who prefer to be with a group and have their day a bit more “structured”, Maui Downhill is a long time island fave, offering everything from crazy early sunrise tours to mid-day, sunset tours and then some. Your group stays together from start to finish and you have guides helping watch the road.

If you wish to have a bit more control over your own time, you just can’t beat the Self-Guided Bike Tours offered by Haleakala Bike Company . In a nutshell, their drivers take you up the mountain and you have bikes and gear for the day. Take your time to stop anywhere you like for meals, shopping and sight-seeing. These folks also offer a variety of options.

NOTE: For those who prefer to stay on 4 wheels, there are van only tours available for Haleakala excursions as well.

2 – See the Hana Highway: I know, I know, we all think “hey, I can drive this thing on my own” and, while this may be true, you miss an awful lot! Firstly, the person driving must keep eyes on the road at all times, there are countless hidden treasures only a “local” would know and you can just relax and enjoy.

The best of the best for these trips is most likely Temptation Tours (we haven’t found anyone better). In addition to two very different ways to experience Hana, they offer a serious selection of land-based tours to most parts of the island, all with groups of no more than 8 people in a luxury van.

3 – Take a Snorkeling Tour: If you come to Maui and don’t go snorkeling (and not just from the beach), you’re missing some of the most beautiful parts of Hawaii!

The Four Winds II  has been taking visitors and local residents to the top snorkeling destinations (our morning snorkeling tour spends more time at Molokini than any other boat!) with on board Naturalists and an attentive, fun-loving crew for many years.


For the more adventurous, the Beyond Molokini Dolphin Discovery Tour aboard the Maui Magic is a BLAST! Dolphin watching, snorkeling at Molokini Crater and hitting a second spot to snorkel with sea turtles makes for a super way to enjoy the waters.

Maui Magic Dolphin Discovery

Visit during Humpback Whale season and enjoy the added bonus of whale watching “up-close and personal” on all trips.

4 – Surf Lessons: You just cannot think of Hawaii without thinking about surfing! This is a sport that can be fun for most ages and skill levels, but a lesson is usually the best way to start.

The folks at Maui Wave Riders can help determine the best fit for any individual, couple, family or group. After a lesson or two, you’ll have the tools you need to try it on your own.

5 – Ziplines:  This has rapidly become one of the most popular land activities in Hawaii and Maui has a number of great ones! Your first decision might be what you want to see on your outing, as they can differ a great deal. Think rain forests, ocean views, “canopy” zips over the treetops … definitely a thrill!

The original is Skyline Eco-Adventures and they have expanded to include two locations but make your choice based on your location and what tours best suit your individual desires.

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