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Whale Watching in Maui on the Four Winds II

Four Winds II Maui Molokini Snorkel And Humpback Whale Watch

December through March on Maui is purely magical. Whale season is one of the best times of the year to visit Maui.  Experience the Humpback Whales and view them in their natural habitat. During their annual migration to Maui’s coastal waters, they come to calve, mate, and rear their young.

With the large pods of Humpback Whales concentrated in the Maui waters, you can see them up close for yourself! Brace yourself and expect to have some amazing encounters with these beautiful creatures. See the whales in action performing aerobatics, breaches, tail slaps, spy hopping, and more!


Spy Hop: When a whale rises with just its head sticking up out of the water. It is believed that they do this to look around and see what is happening around them.

A Calf Spy Hopping

Blow: Blowholes are like a whales nostrils and are located on top of their heads. The blowhole expels air as a cloud of condensation. This condensation helps us spot and find whales on the open ocean.


Pec Slap (Pectoral Slapping): Humpback whales will slap the surface of the water with one or both of their fins, over and over, to communicate with other whales.

Pectoral Slap

Tail Slapping: Humpbacks raise their tail out of the water and slap the surface of the water with great force. Tail slapping is believed to be a form of communication with other whales nearby.

Tail Slapping

Peduncle Throw (Tail Throw): A whale throws its tail out of the water energetically and slaps its peduncle (rear part of its torso) onto the water.

Peduncle Slap

Breach: Breaching is the most exciting whale behaviors to witness. In this circumstance, the whale jumps clear out of the water by using its tail. The massive splash it creates is quite a sight!

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