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Bottlenose Dolphins: Commonly Seen in Maui


Bottlenose Dolphins

The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most common of the dolphin species.  They hang out in warm waters and are a very social animal.  The can grow to be anywhere from 6-13 ft. and weigh 330 – 1400lbs.  The distinguishing feature and how the dolphin get’s it’s name, is it’s long snout.  The snout, however, is not actually the animals nose.  Their nose is the blow hole on the top of it’s head!  They use echolocation to hunt for their food.  The clicking sounds they make can determine the location and shape of nearby items.  They also communicate by squeaking and body language.  So next time you see a bottlenose slap it’s tail or jump out of the water you know they are talking to each other!  We saw the ones picutred above just last week on the Maui Magic!


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