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Best Maui Hikes with Kids

Maui offers some awe-inspiring hikes ranging from easy to extremely strenuous. Finding the right place to take the family is sometimes a challenge but it is completely possible and a wonderful way for kids of all ages to enjoy some of the hidden gems this Hawaiian Island has to offer.

Twin Falls – If you happen to be on the road to Hana, these are the first easily accessible waterfalls and pools on the you will encounter. Especially great for families due to the easy walking paths. While this area is often over looked, it is well worth the stop.  Make sure to check out the snack stand … this area is a fully working farm, though you would never know it, and provides awesome fruits, smooties and other fun goodies.

Iao Valley – This park provides a paved, short walk offering scenic viewpoint of Kuka‘emoku (Iao Needle) among other points of interest as well as an easy sideLearn about the plants brought by the Hawaiians who settled in Iao Valley by taking a short walk through the botanical garden. Be sure to walk the sidewalk path and enjoy the sounds of the birds signing in the fragrant guava trees next to the Iao stream.

Nakalele Blow Hole – This magical spot is located on the road from Kapalua heading to Wailuku and requires a fairly easy (moderate to some) hike. While we all live in our “slippahs” (flip flops) here, this is one of the places it is best to wear sneakers.

There are two parking area with the trails leading to the blowhole and for the less adventurous, here is a trailhead where the beacon can be seen without hiking.

Please heed advice and DO NOT get too close to the blowholes; remember, what comes up, will come down, including a spout of water.

Hike Maui – While not everyone is comfortable hitting the trails alone, you are in luck! Hike Maui has been providing quality guided hikes with wonderful guides for many years. Should you wish to let someone else do the driving and learn as much as you can about the places you’re visiting, give them a call. You are sure to enjoy!

Regardless of where you find yourself, please always be aware of unsafe high water or flash-flooding that may be present during periods of heavy extended rainfall. If the water is the color of chocolate milk, it is best to stay out.

Also remember there are no snakes in Hawaii so feel free to jump into a pool or walk through the woods anywhere.

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