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Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Turtle And Coral Reef

Sea Turtles in Hawaii

For those who may be wondering, sea turtles are reptiles. We see these curious creatures along our route on the Four Winds as well as on our daily Maui Magic “Beyond Molokini”. While we rarely have the opportunity to swim with these beauties on the Four Winds, we keep our groups small on our power catamaran so we are easily able to not only visit the world-famous Molokini Crater but hit a second stop with the goal of swimming and snorkeling with them in their natural habitats!

There are basically three native Hawaiian sea turtles. The “Honu”, or Green Sea Turtle, being the most common. There are rare sightings of Hawksbill and Leatherback found around the islands of Molokai and Hawaii, with the Leatherback being the rarest.

When you have the opportunity to snorkel with turtles, remember the following for the best experience:

o Never attempt to touch or grab onto a turtle. They are a protected species here in Hawaii and it is against the law to handle or harass them in any way.

o When snorkeling around turtles, never rapidly approach them (I know it is very exciting!). Relax, swim calmly and very slowly. They will be more encouraged to let you come in for a better look.

o Turtles seem to enjoy gazing at their reflections from the glass of a snorkel mask. Be sure to look at turtles with your mask facing them.

o Keep your hands to your side and do not make wide arm movements. Turtles are often scared when they see big leg or arm movements.

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