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Family Fun on the Four Winds II

“Between Christmas and New Years Eve 2015, we took a snorkeling trip with Four Winds to Molokini, and it was one of the best day excursions of our lives! There were ten of us — four kids ages 5-11 — and the trip was so well organized and fun for everyone. The food was good, the ship was clean, the captain was funny – but what I really can’t say enough about is the staff. They were UNBELIEVABLE. Each of them was so kind, so helpful, so patient with the kids. The kids were nervous at first, and then really into it, and I think it large part this was because the staff were so patient and capable. My daughter wanted in the water, then out, then in, then out – and you would never think for a second that this frustrated them. Honestly, the snorkeling is unreal no matter who you choose to go with, but the staff on the Four Winds were the best staff I’ve seen anywhere. Truly impressed.”

Molokini snorkel tours, family fun on Maui, Molokini Crater

Four Winds II Maui | Review By Lauren L.

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