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Map of Maui with this listed as #2spot…. When you click on it opens to this info on Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens Facts
Coral Gardens is accessible only by boat.
The tall rock cliffs, of Maui’s Pali Coastline, provide excellent shelter making the water calm and clear.
Hence the name, this location teems with a variety of large corals heads.
Green Sea Turtles are often spotted feeding here, along with an occasional Monk Seal.
The protective shelter, all the coral provides at this location, makes this spot home to thousands of fish.
Coastal Living Magazine listed Coral Gardens in their “World’s Top 10 Snorkel Sites.”

Coral Gardens is a unique, beautiful natural reef formation that is in a protected bay, on the west-side of Maui.  It is home to many Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and hundreds of species of fish. Coral Gardens is located near the coastline, along the Pali Highway Mountain Pass. Cliff lines surrounding this cove protecting it from wind and rough seas. This snorkel spot is only safely accessed by boat. It is truly special, because of what lies beneath the surface… the coral formations here are SPECTACULAR!

With only a few boats at this location, this snorkel spot is more elite and private. With visibility reaching 40 feet it’s crystal-clear waters and large coral heads make the views for snorkeling breathtaking.

The Four Winds II is proud to assist in conservation and protection of the coral reefs surrounding Maui. We strive to help educate everyone we take snorkeling. We encourage guests to use Reef Safe Sunscreen (also offered on board all our vessels) and ask you to not touch marine life as it can be damaging to the fragile coral and ecosystem.

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