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What is the best sunblock to bring for my child?

Typically the best sunscreen or sunblock for kids has an SPF factor of 15 or better. The next important feature is that it needs to be waterproof. Brands like Bullfrog work great for kids. Another important item is that it is a sunscreen your child has used before in the water. Many sunscreens are fine on land, but once they are exposed to salt water... they can cause severe stinging of the eyes. This is no fun if you have a mask on and your eyes are burning. So make sure you test the sunblock in advance before your trip.

Most importantly DO NOT BRING SPRAY-ON TYPES aboard any boat. They are hard to accurately apply in breezy situations and much of the content ends up on deck. Since they are made of oils this can cause slippery decks. Additionally the formula of many of these spray-on sunblocks can cause corrosion on a boat. Lastly, and also important to know, is that the over-spray often winds-up on your fellow passenger. So the best type of boat-friendly sunscreen is a squeeze-type lotion.

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