From October 25th through November 15th the Four Winds is in Dry Dock. CLICK HERE  for info.

What is the best age group for this trip?

The Four Winds II is known as the "Family Fun Boat" and offers something for everyone! From the very young to the young at heart, the Four Winds II is ideal for families with kids and older family members. There is so much room aboard the Four Winds II and plenty of shaded cabin and deck-space too.  So people who do not even want to snorkel enjoy being aboard her for the day.

Another family-friendly feature is the Glass-Bottom Viewing Room. Four Winds II is the only vessel on Maui to have this unique feature where you can actually sit in! While other boats are only outfitted with a simple viewing port, they do not offer the 180 degree, total-immersion experience that sitting in an actual room, with glass below and in-front of you, provides!. It’s almost like sitting directly on top of the water!

When it comes to a non-swimmer, young child or grandparent, that is able go up and down the ladder-style staircase, there is nothing that can compare to our glass bottom viewing room, for providing them a great way to take a glimpse under the water without even having to get wet!

However, if getting wet is what you want to do... our super-fun onboard waterslide is the thing that is popular with many ages! There really is something for all ages aboard the Four Winds II.

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