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How do I see the most marine life while snorkeing?

The best way to see the most marine-life while snorkeilng is to spend as much time in the water as you can. Another important tip is to keep your eyes open and scan from side-to-side as you look at the bottom (or in front of you). When you have a mask on, there tends to be less peripheral vision, so turning your head from side-to-side helps to see more potential marine-life you could miss when you are just looking straight ahead.

Molokini Snorkel TIps:

  • Head towards the actual island and not where the boat is. The closer to the island you get... the more smaller and more colorful fish there are.
  • If you are competent and advanced snorkeler, you can kick-over to an area called "Reefs-End" to see an amazing array of corals and marine-life there. But please ask a crew-member for the best advice and direction before you attempt this.
  • SNUBA is a great way to see more marine-life at Molokini. It gets you deeper and closer to the action.

Coral Gardens Snorkel Tips:

  • If you want the turtles to come near you, is to swim calm and slow. No fast hand or arm motions. Kick slowly with your fins. Turtles are faster than you can ever swim, so if you attempt to kick to catch-up with them, they see you as a threat. So simply relax and be calm and many times the turtles will approach you!
  • Because of its unique locations of corals, this location is best to snorkel around the area the boat is.

Snorkel Safety Tips:

  • One important safety tip, to remember when snorkeling, is that you pop your head above the water to take a look at where you are and what your bearings are.
  • It is good to also keep an eye on the boat as a way to know where you are and how far away from the boat you are.
  • Do not attempt to dive deep or hold your breath for longer periods unless you are a more advanced snorkeler.

We also recommend you read our "411 on Snorkeling" feature. This provides very in-depth information and safety tips for anyone interested. 

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