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Do you cancel during bad weather?

Maui typically has the best weather for boating. But occasionally it does happen where we have to cancel a trip due to high surf, rain or high winds. The responsibility for this rests on our U.S. Coast Guard Certified Captain to make the ultimate decision if it is best to cancel vs. go out. We monitor and check the weather daily and do our best to give notice of cancelation as early as we can.

Before we cancel any trip, we try to change the destination and see if we can to find better conditions at other snorkel spots. However, it is not common when we have to cancel a trip, but in the event we cancel a trip we always provide a full-refund or offer the opportunity to go out on another day.

Here are a list of things to remember in this case:

  1. Safety first! It is for your safety and the safety of our crew if we ever have to cancel.
  2. The factors that can cause a cancelation are high-winds, large waves or swells, strong currents, rain or murky water from caused by a storm. Either of these alone or a combination can cause us to feel the necessity to cancel.
  3. We want you to snorkel with us, so we do not like it if we ever have to cancel.
  4. We always will provide you with a refund or option to snorkel with us on another day.
  5. We are a business and we lose money when we do not go out. So cancelling is not what we enjoy when we have to do it.
  6. We know your vacation time is precious and so we will do our best not to cancel unless we absolutely have to.
  7. Maui's weather can vary from morning to afternoon. So while the weather is good in the morning, it can change in the afternoon (and vise-versa).
  8. We will always do our best to give you as much warning as possible. But, here in Hawaii, weather and ocean conditions can change in a matter of hours, and so many times we do not have the luxury of many hours of notifying you in advance.
  9. We would not want a boat of sea-sick passengers. So if wave conditions are rough, this can cause a cancelation even if there is no rain or high-winds.

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