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Can I swim with turtles?

Because of Molokini's unique location, and distance away from Maui's shoreline, it is not a spot that turtles will often travel to. However, turtles are frequently sighted at Coral Gardens where our Afternoon Trip usually snorkels at.

We also have our sister-boat, the Maui Magic, and she offers the opportunity to swim or snorkel with turtles almost daily because of her unique snorkel destinations.

Just remember, when it comes to swimming or snorkeling with turtles, you just can't attempt to touch them or harass them in any way. The Maui Magic has a selection of snorkel locations where turtles are often present. We typically see turtles at these special locations almost always. But always remember that the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is a protected species within the waters around Maui.

One snorkeling tip to use, If you want the turtles to come near you, is to swim calm and slow. No fast hand or arm motions. Kick slowly with your fins. Turtles are faster than you can ever swim, so if you attempt to kick to catch-up with them, they see you as a threat. So simply relax and be calm and many times the turtles will approach you!

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